Source Code

Floating Sandbox's source code is on GitHub. Check it out here!

Technical Blog

Gabe maintains a technical blog where he talks about breakthroughs and issues he finds while developing Floating Sandbox. Check it out here!


The ShipBucket Project

The ShipBucket Project aims to create a unified archive of ship and aircraft drawings in a single uniform scale and style. Their raster pixel art is easy to edit and remix, meaning new authors can easily contribute to the project with tools as simple as MSPaint (or as advanced as Photoshop).

Shipbucket aims to be a premier learning tool for naval design (both civilian and military), and their format is suited for amateur hobbyists and serious professionals alike.

Contact Us

If you want to help us build Floating Sandbox for a different platform, or if you have a cool ship you'd like to share, or if you would like to build a Ship Editor for the game, you may get in touch with us with the following contact form.